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DC Baby Planners offers a variety of packages and à la carte consulting services to expectant and new parents. Pre and Post-Natal services are offered, via one on one phone, email, or personal consultations. We will meet with you to assess your needs and then will offer a proposed action plan. However, all our services can be purchased individually.

We are offering free one-hour in-person consults this winter. Call today to schedule your appointment.

A sampling of our services:

Preparing for Baby: This is the full-service package that will be tailored to each client. $300 and up

From pregnancy to birth to beyond I will answer all of your questions and discuss every aspect of pregnancy and the various choices available to you so you can make informed decisions. I will also provide you with resources and the latest news so you can be fully prepared. We determine exactly what your present and future needs are, create a customized plan with you, and cover all areas. This package can be tailored for the first, second, or third trimester.

Baby Proofing: $100-150

This will be a one-size fits all fee, regardless of how many rooms. Some assessments will last an hour while others almost three. Most consults will be an hour and a half to two hours. My job here is to point out the possible threats, located in your home, to your child. We will go through each room and discuss the various safety protectors that can be purchased to insure that your infant is out of harm's way. I will provide you with a recommended product list and refer you to a baby proofer to do installations if that is what you want done.

Registry Set Up: $300 for basic package

Whether you want me to do all the shopping or just give you my list of the best. I will tailor each registry with your preferences in mind. Changes, returns and exchanges can be included for an additional fee.

Baby Shower Planning: Priced by Project and Budget. $200 and up

I will organize and even host a stress-free, fun baby shower done just the way you want it.

Baby Nursery: $200 and up

I will work with you on whatever you need and want for your nursery - from design to stocking it; I can do it all and give you a peace of mind.

Child Care Search: Priced by Project

If you're looking for a nanny or other child care arrangment, I can work with you to locate the best candidates for your family. I will personally screen any potential nannies before you ever meet with them. I can handle part of or the entire search - whatever you need.

Going Green with Baby
: $150 and up

If you want an eco-friendly arrival for your baby, I will work with you to help make it happen. From cleaning products to clothing, I will work with you on making baby's arrival a green one.

Baby on a Budget: $150

If you are wondering how you can make your baby's arrival not one that breaks the bank, this is a package for you. I will teach you the tricks and ways to save thousands of dollars.

Organizing for Baby: Priced by Project and Budget.$150 and up

Wondering how you are going to get your home ready in time for baby's arrival or just want to get your affairs in order? I will work with you to get your home ready well in advance of baby's arrival. My services run the gamut from getting the kitchen ready, cleaning out a spare bedroom to putting photo albums together - whatever you need done!

Businesses: Priced by Project and Budget

As an employer it is in your company's interest to make sure your hard-working mother-to-be is not worrying about how she will get everything done out of or, even in, office hours. I will take the pressure off by navigating her through a mountain of baby product and service choices, so she saves time, money and minimizes stress. You the employer will find a far more relaxed and productive employee who will be forever grateful.